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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Erich Bergen no image available
Jersey Boys
Interview by: Ricky Mora
Jun 7, 2014

Erich Bergen - Jersey Boys
Phone Interview
Q: You play gBobh of the national tour and again on this film. As an actor what is it like playing different mediums but the same character? Especially with the direct address in this film talking directly to the camera compared to the stage.
Bergen: I think as much as it was different, what I took away from it was how similar it was, because not only did we get to keep pretty much the same script as the stage show. Itfs about nighty percent the same and itfs the same writers they just adapted it to for the screen, but Clint was very adamant that we keep our performances from the show. Wefre having a new experience so new things are going to happen, and of course one of the four of us had not done the show. So he was bringing a new experience that affected all of us which was fantastic. He was adamant that he hired us for a reason and thatfs because of the work we did on the show, and to change that now wo...

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