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Price List

Price List

Thank you for your interest in Hollywood News Wire. We provide our materials at reasonable prices. In addition to photos, news, interviews, and previews, we have arrival video-coverage and trailers. Also, our PR division, Hollywood-PR can work for you as a translator, coordinator of junkets or premieres, a publicist for appearances to premiere arrivals and as a consultant.

Here is our price list. For further information or discounts please contact info@hollywoodnewswire.net and we will be happy to provide a free estimate. Please allow us a couple of business days to approve your registration. You will not be able to log in until you receive an approval email from us. If you would like to purchase materials without registering please use our new service for quick purchasing with PayPal. You can purchase materials on the website and receive them with our prompt approval service.

Price List

  • Event photos: $10 (and up) / photo
  • News: $20 (and up) / news article
  • Interviews: $20 (and up) / interview (including a photo for our subscribers only)
  • Preview text and production photos: Only our subscribers can download this material which we provide for free
  • Unlimited downloads: $800 (and up) / month
  • Unlimited photo downloads: $500 (and up) / month

We provide event arrival moving coverage and trailers via our ftp site:

  • Arrival video coverage: $300 (and up) / coverage
  • Trailer: please ask us

PR, Translation and Coordination

We have opened our PR division, Hollywood-PR, which specializes in services such as publicity, junket coordination and translation, set visits, appearances at Hollywood premieres, etc. We have a very strong connection with Japan, Japanese media and Japanese-American media. Please visit www.Hollywood-PR.com

Feb. 10th 2010

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