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Hollywood News Wire Terms & Conditions
Your use of our Website indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

Hollywood News Wire hereby grants to you (“Licensee”) a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use the materials contained within the Hollywood News Wire website (“Website”), subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. All rights, title and interest to the Website, including the copyrights and trademarks therein, shall at all times be and remain with Hollywood News Wire. The content of these terms and conditions is subject to change at the disposal of Hollywood News Wire. Licensee is always required to refer to the latest version, since Hollywood News Wire will not inform you of any changes spontaneously. Any of the materials including, and in the future more than, movie information, interviews and pictures, might well be added, varied or deleted.


The download of the articles and the pictures contained within the Website requires that your computer be connected to the Internet. We are not responsible for any required equipments, software, the Internet connection to the World Wide Web and the applications of these.

Hollywood News Wire’s consent to Licensee’s use of the Website is contingent upon the following:


Licensee is required to send his/her own contact information data, which is true and correct, by means of the application form available within the Website, We strongly urge Licensee to include and confirm from time to time true and correct data herein. Should Hollywood News Wire judge anything declared by Licensee herein wrong and/or incorrect, Hollywood News Wire would practice its right to eliminate and delete the license ID of the aforesaid Licensee.

Licensee is responsible for any given management of the ID and the password that are registered in the website. Therefore, Licensee is also responsible for any deeds conducted by means of his/her ID and password. Should the ID and password be used without the permission of the Licensee, or that the ID and the password leak out to the third person, please contact us immediately. Hollywood News Wire is not responsible for any damages caused by the abuse of Licensee’s ID and password caused by their failure to log out from their account.

No reprint

All rights, title and interest to the Website, including copyrights of the contents, articles, and pictures included on the Website shall at all times be and remain with Hollywood News Wire save for certain exceptions. This license is limited to use only in and part of Licensee’s outlet only under the condition that Licensee’s company is acknowledged by Hollywood News Wire by means of an approval notice. Any use of the Website by any other medium or individual, or any other uses, including sale or other publication or distribution without permission, is expressly prohibited.


Hollywood News Wire owns the right to create a certain amount of limitation, if necessary, in the stipulations of the Licensee’s accessibility to the Website. Hollywood News Wire also owns the right to expire any IDs and accounts that are not utilized for a certain period. The limitation of the stipulations of any accounts can be amended as the need arises by Hollywood News Wire without prior notice.

Alteration of stipulations

If Hollywood News Wire judges it necessary, the stipulations of the use of the Website can be changed, suspended or aborted without notice to the Licensee. If the use of the Website is changed, suspended or aborted, Hollywood News Wire has no responsibility for any disadvantage or liability to the Licensee as a result of this.

Account elimination

If Hollywood News Wire judges it necessary, Licensee’s ID, password and account can be deleted to prohibit the right of access to the Website. Hollywood News Wire has the right to execute this if it judges that Licensee has violated the content and any implication of the terms and conditions, or that Licensee has conducted any improper behavior in respect of these terms and conditions, and in any other cases that Hollywood News Wire judges it necessary.

If Hollywood News Wire judges that it is necessary to abort the provision of the service to the Licensee, the abort of service to the aforesaid Licensee can last from now and in perpetuity to stop the accessibility to any materials on the Website. In such a case, Hollywood News Wire does not bear any responsibility for damage to the aforesaid Licensee and any third party’s, caused by the aforesaid a bort of provision of service.

Credit and Copyright

As Licensee, agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, Licencee must always strictly give Credit and/or Copyright with our provided materials. Failure to do so will result in the removal of service and access to the account of Licensee with Hollywood News Wire. Also, Licensee will have full responsibility of indemnity for Hollywood News Wire.

Please direct any questions regarding these terms to: info@hollywoodnewswire.net

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